‘If someone speaks it gets lighter’ (S. Freud)

Freud uses this quote from a child to illustrate how we have a longing for human connection..

Many of my clients find the freedom of being able to explore and express what's often unsaid, liberating and enlightening.

Our nervous system is neurologically designed for connections with others. 

Talking with a counsellor rather than someone who knows them well allows them to be authentic and not feel that they need to care so much about the other's reactions. The relationship that develops between the client and the counsellor is a mixture of a professional friendship, sometimes a teacher, some times a bit like a parent. It is, however about the client's needs and not the counsellor's. The counsellor is bound by an ethical framework which includes confidentiality, regular supervision, ongoing training and of course the client's wellbeing. 

We need this connection when externally things are not feeling right. It may be that our relationships with others or ourselves are stuck or troubled, or we may lack emotional wellbeing; we may have family concerns or we may just want to have the space to talk.

Some people feel caught in a behavioural cycle or some just feel that having a place where they can talk confidentially - is a lifestyle decision for mental health and peace of mind. Sometimes it is a time when all else external is not helping the way we feel. Maybe it is a sense of living only half a life or seeing the world through a blackened lens; a crisis, stress or anxiety or just really wanting to talk about personal concerns with someone who is trained to be there exactly for that purpose. 


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