Couple & Relationship Counselling

Counselling can help couples discuss and move through issues such as separation, affairs, addictions, conflict, children, communication, etc.  Working with the dynamic communication that occurs within the counselling session, helps each person identify behaviours, blocks, and upsets and therefore bring a deeper awareness to each person's perspective. 

Looking at family patterns can help with understanding each other without 'the blame'.  
This puts each individual into the context of their family group - what roles you had within your family; what behaviours and styles of relating were learned and how this is affecting you individually and as a couple.

Counselling can benefit both individuals and couples. Even if your partner is unsure about couple counselling, individuals can still benefit. 
Individually you can deepen your own understanding of your relationship and your behaviour within it. You can gain support and clarity about the situation and learn how to make changes to enhance yourself and your relationship.  

It can also help couples develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other.

Couple counselling allows each individual to 'hear' each other in the safety of the counselling room. Breaking down issues gently are the keys to understanding the nature of what is getting in the way of having a more fulfilling relationship.

Counselling provides the perfect forum for both individuals and couples to openly discuss issues of concern, and to deal with conflicts and misunderstandings safely, respectfully and constructively.


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